Who are the chief players in the business environment, and what is their role? How much has been invested in research and development?

TOPIC: Google Car

Paper should be 6 pages in length and include a sort introduction and a short conclusion. Double spaced , Times Roman font , 12pt. All references must be in APA format.
Discus the Economic Issues: Consider production, consumption, costs, variables of supply-demand, corporations, private enterprise, impact on the nation’s economy (employment, displacement, outsourcing). Are certain industries impacted more than others? Look up financial projections—expectations for growth, startup companies, the stock exchange, etc.—anything related to business and the U.S. and global economy. Who are the chief players in the business environment, and what is their role? How much has been invested in research and development? How will the price fluctuate? What economic trends are to be observed? Who will make money from the technology? Who is funding the research and development? Who controls the purse strings, and why? Look at foundations and charitable organizations, the outcomes and the nature of consumers. Be sure to use charts and tables and quantitative data in this section. Tables, figures, and data and statistics must be current, valid and used appropriately.
Priddle, A. & Woodyard, C. (2012, Jun. 14). Google discloses costs of its driverless car tests. USA Today. Retrieved from http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2012/06/google-discloses-costs-of-its-driverless-car-tests/1#.VA6cdFfI6NY
In this article, Priddle and Woodyard reports about the costs Google incurs on its driverless cars. The journalists confirm that Google conducted its autonomous car tests in Nevada for several months. The driverless cars tests were positive. However, the costs associated with the car test escalated. The company confirmed that the new car is expensive because of the $150,000 equipment. Its lidar system costs $70,000. However, the company has promised consumers that it will introduce reasonably priced lidar systems soon. The company modified Toyota Prius to develop the driverless car. However, the driver must always be available to avoid traffic mistakes. The automated cars represent a technology leap in the world. It will reduce the U.S fatalities. Therefore, Google’s driverless car will rarely crash.
The experienced auto writers are aware of the drawbacks the manufacturers must fix. Although the company holds that most of the U.S fatalities are due human mistakes, Google should address the economic, social, and political implications associated with the new technology. The cost-benefit analysis will define the position of the driverless cars in America and the world. The authors provide important information about the car. The costs of the car might make the car expensive. However, the invention is timely. The globe is going hi-tech and needs digital transport systems.
Markoff, J. (2010, Oct. 9). Google cars drive themselves, in traffic. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/10/science/10google.html?_r=0



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Google Cars

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Google Cars

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Google Cars

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