Economics -6 

1. What factors led to the mortgage default crisis? How did mortgage defaults affect banks involved in mortgage lending and mortgage investing? Securitization? TARP? What do these mean? How did mortgage-backed securities spread losses during the mortgage default crisis? How does TARP illustrate the problem of moral hazard? What did the Federal Reserve do during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009? How did the recent financial crisis affect the financial services industry? What are some of the major provisions of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act?

  1. What is the Federal Reserve (Fed) all about? Which Federal Reserve District Bank is closest to you? Who is the current Chairman of the Fed? Should the Fed remain independent from political authority or should the President and Congress have a say in their operations? Why? Why not? What is FOMC? What is the current Federal Funds Rate? How does the Fed implement monetary policy to manage the economy? At the last meeting of the FOMC, what was done to the federal funds rate–increased, decreased, or no change from previous meeting? Given the current state of the U.S. economy, should the Fed be using expansionary monetary policy or contractionary monetary policy? Why? Why Not?



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Part one

What xxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx mortgage default crisis?

  • Decline in hoxxxxxx market

In 2006, xxxxxx belief xxxxxx homeowners xxxxxx concerning home prices xxxxxx a different turn. Txxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx home prices began to drop xxxxxx by 2008, xxxxxx drop xxxxxx too xxxxxx xxxxxx it xxxxxx xxxxxxed xxxxxx “The Great Depression”, xxxxxx came with it a reduction in xxxxxxentives to mortgage xxxxxxments. Homeowners xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx planning to sell xxxxxxir homes discxxxxxxed xxxxxx xxxxxx market value xxxxxx xxxxxxir homes xxxxxx lesser xxxxxx price values of xxxxxxir homes xxxxxx because of xxxxxx, xxxxxx homeowners stopped selling xxxxxxir homes.

  • Trouble in xxxxxx mortgage-backed securities market

As home prices declined, xxxxxx xxxxxx started experiencing struggles in xxxxxxir mortgage xxxxxxments. Due to xxxxxx, xxxxxx market encountered xxxxxx xxxxxx levels of defaults xxxxxx xxxxxx associated with mortgages xxxxxx resulted xxxxxx relatively low xxxxxxs of m