• Define the selected action research process based on the Week 3 Action Research Case Study assignment paper.

Creating An Organizational Development Proposal

Prior to beginning work on this final assignment, read Chapter 10 in the course textbook, and review Chapters 3 through 9 if you need to (it is recommended). Additionally, read Finally! Global OD Competencies and Dialogic OD (Links to an external site.).

The Action Research Case Study assignment in Week 3 had you select a case study, identify the change challenge of the case, and design an action research process for the change process. During Week 4, the Intervention Selection and Application assignment had you select an intervention method that best suited the change challenge within the organization. You are now ready to complete the final paper based on the case study selected in the Action Research Case Study assignment from the Week 3 – Assignment. Be sure to incorporate all instructor feedback from prior weeks’ assignments in your final paper.

Consider that you have been hired as a consultant to help the organization with the change challenge. In your paper, you will introduce the overall purpose of the project as related to organizational development and change challenges.

Section 1

For Section 1 of your paper, you will

  • Summarize the Action Research Case Study assignment in Week 3.
  • Justify why it is a problem and the type of problem.
    • Example: is it turnover, diversity, ethical, job satisfaction, downsizing, restructure, or other?
  • Define the selected action research process based on the Week 3 Action Research Case Study assignment paper.
  • Identify the intervention type selected in the Week 4 Intervention Selection and Application assignment.
  • Describe the intervention process.

Section 2

For Section 2 of your paper, you will

  • Describe the role of the consultant during the intervention.
  • Categorize the competencies and ethical behaviors needed for the intervention.
  • Define the recommended research methods that will be utilized during the intervention.
  • Describe recommended data collection and evaluation methods during the intervention.
  • Define a timeline for the intervention process.
  • Identify anticipated resistance to the change and the process for reconciliation.

Section 3

For Section 3 of your paper, you will

  • Hypothesize the projected outcomes for the OD change project.
  • Validate your reasoning for the projected outcome.


Conclude your paper with a comprehensive summation of the project.

The Creating an Organizational Development Proposal final paper

Must use at least six scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources in addition to the course text.



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Organizational Development Proposal


Name of Institution

Section 1: Case Summary

The Blaze Mining depicted in xxxxxx case xxxxxx is a mid-size family-owned company, experiencing a perennial employee fractured cohesiveness xxxxxx productivity (Bierema, 2020). The management of xxxxxx company is composed of xxxxxx family members heading all departments. Txxxxxx implies xxxxxx all xxxxxx challenges associated with xxxxxx xxxxxxership structure of a family owned company as eminent in xxxxxx case xxxxxx. According to Alkahtani, (2021), a fractured xxxxxxership in organizations is xxxxxx sole reason xxxxxx all employee agitations, poor output, xxxxxx tinted public image. Often companies experiencing fractured xxxxxxership experience xxxxxx wrangles among xxxxxx managerial team xxxxxx or employees. Family-owned companies tend to miss on xxxxxx xxxxxx key xxxxxxas xxxxxx xxxxxx a company prosper. For instance, Blaze Mining is experiencing a poor xxxxxxership structure because xxxxxx family members xxxxxx not xxxxxx to differentiate xxxxxx xxxxxx company cultures xxxxxx xxxxxxir own pleasures. Txxxxxx is xxxxxx reason xxxxxx xxxxxx company employees xxxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxing culture xxxxxx is guiding xxxxxx