A report to Matt Bell’s In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods

The fiction writer and poet, Matt Bell, will read from and discuss his work at ASU. Anybody who attends the entire event and submits a short report (250 words) and a personal reflection (what did you learn? what was surprising? was there something you could relate to your personal experience or writing? – 500 words)



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A report to Matt Bell’s In xxxxxx House upon xxxxxx Dirt xxxxxx xxxxxx Lake xxxxxx xxxxxx Woods




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Matt Bell’s novel, In xxxxxx House upon xxxxxx Dirt xxxxxx xxxxxx Lake xxxxxx xxxxxx Woods is a xxxxxx remarkxxxxxx book. The book talks xxxxxx love, marriage, xxxxxx xxxxxx challenges xxxxxx come axxxxxx xxxxxx two xxxxxx choose to stay togexxxxxxr. The main characters in xxxxxx book, xxxxxx unnamed husbxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx wife set out to start xxxxxxir marriage life far axxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxir home. As a result of xxxxxx, xxxxxx married couple departs to xxxxxx wilderness, an untamed wilderness, wxxxxxx soon xxxxxx xxxxxxy discxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx not easy living txxxxxx.

In deed, as Edna St. Vxxxxxxent xxxxxx poet writes “Love is not all,” xxxxxx is true. xxxxxx is xxxxxx to love xxxxxx xxxxxx meets xxxxxx eye xxxxxx Matt Bell clxxxxxx sxxxxxxs xxxxxx. As xxxxxx couple starts xxxxxxir lives in xxxxxx wilderness, xxxxxx husbxxxxxx soon takes up xxxxxx roles as xxxxxx xxxxxxr of xxxxxx house xxxxxx xxxxxx wife tends to her husbxxxxxx. Txxxxxx is evident in